Speaker on Ethics and Fraud

Fraudcon, Inc., a fraud deterrent company, was founded for the purpose of running the business of educating and promoting Jerome Mayne, who is a keynote speaker on ethics and fraud.

Jerome Mayne

Speaker on ethics and fraud

Jerome Mayne is a keynote speaker on ethics and fraud. Essentially for the education and speaking at conferences and conventions telling his story. As a self taught expert on financial fraud, his keynotes deal with the business choices and the consequences of going to prison. Which is why Jerome Mayne is a top rated international keynote speaker on ethics and fraud.

About Keynote Speaker Jerome Mayne

Jerome Mayne was the founder, president and CEO of Fraudcon, Inc. which was a fraud deterrent company. It was founded for the purpose of running his keynote speaking business. This is not all about Jerome Mayne, he has been written about by hundreds.

Keynotes on Ethics and Fraud

Jerome now delivers his primary keynote, Choices and Consequences, for associations and Fortune 500 companies around the country – including nearly three dozen title industry associations and companies.  He has appeared on numerous panels, radio shows and web-cast productions as an expert on fraud, ethics and critical decision making.  He has been a contributing columnist for the Business Journal, California CPA Magazine and Fraud Insights – Monthly Newsletter by Fidelity National Financial.  He is also author of the book Diary of a White Collar Criminal and co-author of Mortgage Fraud and Predatory Lending – what every agent should know (Dearborn/Kaplan).

Motivation For Ethics

Jerome is inspired by his involvement in white-collar conspiracy in 1994. He served time in federal prison. Since 2001 he has worked with organizations to help their people to make the right decisions when the right decisions aren’t easy.  This is because he has a motivation for ethics and finds the good in people. He does this by addressing the “slippery slope”, the consequences of fraud and the importance of ethics.  Ultimately, he helps business professionals stay out of prison.

Speaker, Consultant and Author

Being a speaker on ethics and fraud, Jerome has spoken at hundreds of national and international conferences, meetings and events.  His programs are regularly approved for continuing education or professional designation credit.

Jerome has been somewhat of a volunteer consultant with Former Federal Prosecutor Hank Shea. They have spoken together at at law schools, colleges, businesses and community leadership events.

One of the only true crime autobiographies titled Diary of a White Collar Criminal was written by author Jerome Mayne. It has been read and listened to by thousands of business professionals. This is because it was written like a diary; a journal some say. As a true speaker, consultant and author, Jerome via Fraudcon has been a champion of ethics in Corporate America.

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