About Jerome Mayne – Keynote Speaker

About Jerome Mayne

Here is a brief summary about Jerome Mayne, the founder of Fraudcon. Jerome may be one of the most interesting keynote speakers on fraud you will ever meet. His perspective on the topics of fraud and ethics is unique. This is because his expertise comes from a corporate setting of finance and continues through his stay in federal prison. Jerome Mayne’s story and his style of speaking is personal, relevant, emotional and highly entertaining. He is considered one of the most ‘in-demand’ serious and humorous keynote speakers in America.

Story of Committing Fraud

Jerome’s story of committing fraud and then becoming a keynote speaker is summarized. For over 2 years his name was, Federal Inmate Number 08657-041.  Before that, Jerome Mayne was the founder and CEO of two corporations, respected in the financial community and the father of two young boys.  He received a 21-month prison sentence for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and money laundering – crimes that took place four years prior to his indictment.  Finally, he reported to the Federal Prison in Yankton, South Dakota.  His career and his life were changed forever.

Founder of Fraudcon

Jerome Mayne was the founder and CEO of Fraudcon, Inc. It was the first corporation Jerome started after his release from federal prison. It was originally started as a company through which he conducted his speaking business. The name of the company made sense. This is because, Fraudcon is the combination of the two words ‘fraud’ and ‘convict’.

about Jerome Mayne

About Fraudcon, Inc.

The company also conducted other services related to fraud. This is because they were relevant and included giving non-legal advice such as consulting. As the founder of Fraudcon, Jerome also created videos and wrote continuing education courses. This is because real estate and mortgage fraud is still one of the industries in need of training and licensing.

Dissolution of Fraudcon, Inc.

As a novice in business, Fraudcon, Inc. dissolved in the late 2000’s. This is because Jerome did not have the knowledge to navigate the tax code as it related to running an S Corp. It was not because of tax fraud. Additionally, his life was evolving and his keynote speaking business became less a part of his business.

Keynote Speaking is Still Alive

He is now the president and CEO of Mayne Speakers, his keynote speaking business. As of the writing of this biography and the keynote speaking business is still alive. As a public speaker he has many event planners of conferences and conventions trying to find information about Jerome Mayne. As a speaker his presentations are still relevant and alive.

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